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From Former Pfc.Thomas Innocenti


All of our leaders were dead, wounded, or not present those next few days. Consequently I never relayed my experience to anyone concerning the actions of the 14th and 15th of June 1953. Also, I understand now that I was probable in a state of shock for some time after the “Boomerang” action. Finally, I did not stay long in a near area. I was sent back to the “line” with Company “F” a short time later.

I would recommend Sgt. Barfield for a highly deserved decoration for his unselfish dedication to duty in the face of almost certain death or injury. Putting aside his own personal safety he did what “good leaders” do, he saw to the safety and well being of his men.

Unrelenting in his mission he entered those trenches or what was left of them and pulled three men to relative safety. Even though orders had been given to leave the dead and wounded until the next morning, the intense artillery fire and the fact that the enemy had entered our trenches, Sgt. Barfield and Pvt. Innocenti did go into that hell to support and defend the men. I cannot say enough about the heroism and bravery displayed by Sgt. Barfield in the performance of his duty.

After forty-one years I can now put to rest Korea – I have found a way to reach closure.

This statement was notarized on
09-28-1994 By John B Nanny
State of West Virginia

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