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The following is information was received from the National Archives concerning the
Battle For Boomerang” 6 - 14 - 15 - 1953 .


On the night of 14-15 June 1953, the 2d Battalion 7 th Infantry Regiment, was attacked by an estimated enemy force of two reinforced Battalion. The attack was preceded by an intense artillery and mortar preparation and supported with armor. The enemy attacked in mass at 2324 hours and succeeded in penetrating the MLR of “F” company. Friendly counterattacked with two companies and two tanks and at 0410 hours the MLR had been restored and all action ceased at 0505 hours.

Friendly casualties were 25 killed in action , seventy - nine wounded in action and one missing in action .The enemy suffered 1,255 confirmed killed in action , an estimated 865 wounded in action and 3 prisoners . One of the prisoners died prior to evacuation. The following is what the Army Stars and Stripes News had to say about the Battle For Boomerang” on 6 - 15 - 1953 .

Yanks of the 7 th Infantry Regiment threw back a two battalion attack on their front line positions last night after a violent 5 - hour hand - to - hand battle on the crest of “Boomerang,” a strategic ridgeline south of Communist-held “Papa-san.” About 1500 Chinese rushed the position just before midnight coupled with an intense barrage of 17,500 rounds of artillery and mortar. The Reds snatched a 50-yard section of the ridgeline in the early stages of the attack, but heavy American artillery and tank fire from units supporting the 7 th Regiment foot soldiers stopped the Communist cold while Allied reinforcements were brought in.

The Reds were hurled back before dawn today, and by 5am.the sector was quiet. A grim toll of Communist casualties was counted later.


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