Please post your opinion to support Robert Barfield in persuit of his recommendation for the Medal of Honor......Thank You for your support.

From Lt. Cardenas


TO: Department of the Army
US Total Army Personnel Command
Alexandra , VA 22332-0471

Attn: Daniel B. Gibson, Major USA
Chief, Military Awards Branch

FROM: Ricardo Cardenas, LTC Inf., Retired
15050 Edgemoor Street
San Leandro , CA 94579-1628

Reference Letter forwarded to Hq 6th Army, Presidio of San Francisco, 30 January 199 , subsequently resubmitted to the Office of Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, and DA General Orders Bronze Star Medal with V device awarded to Robert C Barfield and Thomas Innocenti. Recommend recognition of Robert C. Barfield be enhanced to CMH (Congressional Medal of Honor) and Thomas Innocenti to SS (Silver Star). Basis for the above consideration: The officer whose life was saved, Major Lewis A. Hotelling, Retired, then Lt., has been located. His statement is enclosure C

Attached enclosures, and information below, present a description of the event, 14-15 June 1953, Boomerang Sector, MLR (main line of resistance)

North Korea: Sgt Barfield, Rifle Squad Leader, position suffered repeated hits from overwhelming CCF (Chinese Communist Forces) artillery rounds and then subjected to relentless ground attack. In the initial onslaught, his Platoon Leader, Lt Lewis A. Hotelling, was severely wounded as were two soldiers in Barfield's squad. Sgt Barfield's immediate and daring response saved the Officer's life. And while still under heavy fire, Sgt Barfield rescued his two seriously wounded soldiers. The officer eventually lost his foot as the ankle was almost severed by a fragment. One of the wounded soldiers did not make it in the medical evacuation.

It is notable that Barfield took immediate command of the situation, reacting without regard to his personal safety as he recovered the officer and the other wounded soldiers. The CCF hit frontally and eventually succeeded in reducing the barb wire barriers and penetrating the trenches. Barfield with remnants of his squad held throughout the night, although repeatedly attacked. Daybreak revealed dead CCF in front of his position, in the trenches, within and front of the barb wire barrier.

The death of two commanders within thirty paces of each other is indicative of the severity of battle 14-15 June 1953. The commander of the CCF leading assault unit and the commander of the US reinforcing unit died in the trenches.

This recommendation/upgrade of heroic deeds of two former soldiers is based on the recollection of a battle 45 years ago. The principals in the command structure, Battalion Commander Major Roger Whiting, and Regimental Commander Col Ernest Estabrook, of that time and place are not available.

Personal Data: Robert C. Barfield is now a retired Letter Carrier, US Postal Services, Resides at 1641 Spray Way, Newport, TN 37821. Home Phone (423) 623-8796. Thomas Inncoenti is a State of West Virginia School Administrator, Resides at 26 Willow Springs Circle , Wheeling , West Virginia . Home Phone (304) 277 3467.

Proposed citations are included as enclosures A and B. Supporting documents are subsequently listed.

Ricardo Cardenas
LTC Inf., Retired
15050 Edgemoor St
San Leandro , CA 94579-1628

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